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Deep Cycle Motive and Traction

Diminishing runtime as the cycles increase mean less uptime and longer charging. Frequent battery change-outs are the result. Navitas has the solutions which maximize the amp hour throughput over the life of the battery, hence minimizing the cost per each use.

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Heavy Duty Off-Road Equipment

Nothing other than military equipment can cause such a severe challenge to a battery system.

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Mission-Critical Stationary & Standby

The ability to minimize the self discharge, respond to the load immediately, maximize recharge after an outage, are all crucial.  Whether it’s needing a long runtime battery system for remote locations, or a short duration indoor battery system for outages before the generator kicks in, Navitas Systems can design a system which is optimized for each unique situation.

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Products which rely on batteries are becoming more and more advanced. Navitas Systems are experts at diving into the intricacies of an application to determine the ideal energy solution.

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Government & Defense

The cost of transporting fuel is huge, and the risk in lives in transporting fuel is even higher. Be it a vehicle or a generator, there is a critical need to provide operational capability with the engine turned off, to save precious fuel and to provide stealth.

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Renewable Energy

Everyone wants to be greener, but the question is which combined solution is financially more green both in first cost and in operating savings?

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“The State of Michigan honors Navitas Systems for winning the Michigan Innovation Business Council’s Business of the Year 2015 award.  We are proud to have an energy company leader like Navitas Systems.”

The State of Michigan