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I want to welcome you to Navitas Systems. As you dive into our web site, I hope you’ll find that we are passionate in all things batteries.

This passion to create the best battery systems is why we took two of our prior companies, MicroSun Innovative Energy Storage Solutions, and MicroSun Electronics and combined them with the acquisition of lithium battery company A123 Systems’ Government Solutions Group to form Navitas Systems.

When you look at the landscape of battery companies, on one end there are large cell manufacturers who are pushing their respective battery chemistry regardless of what the application is. And on the other end are small battery companies who simply resell battery cells and systems made by others.

Navitas is unique in that: First, we have the capabilities to do our own research and development of new battery chemistries; second, we have strategic sourcing relationships with numerous cell manufacturers and we apply our sophisticated test equipment to confirm performance and quality; and third, we have the best systems engineers to design and assemble these cells into robust battery products and systems.

We utilize this wide and deep engineering excellence to bring the best advanced battery systems to industrial and government/military customers for their demanding applications.  And now with the backing of one of the largest battery companies in North America, East Penn Manufacturing, customers can be assured that we’ll be around for the long term.

We’d be honored to build a system for you.

Alan ElShafei, CEO & Founder

DEKA Ready Power ®

Offering one of the widest assortment of 24, 36, and 48 volt lithium batteries bearing the UL-Listed mark.


Ideal for Class III Walk Behind/Ride-on Pallet Jacks, and Tuggers. 500+ lithium amp hours.


Ideal for Class II Reach Trucks and Stock Pickers. In sizes from 550 to 700 lithium amp hours.


Ideal for Class I Sit Down Counterbalance three and four wheel lift trucks. In sizes from 550 to 1050 lithium amp hours.

Reason 1: A Company in Attractive Markets

Navitas participates in multi-billion dollar markets including the government/defense industry and the forklift industry. The growth in these markets – from over $11B today to $55B in 2022--assures our company and its associates an expanding set of opportunities to serve customers well into the future.

Reason 2: A Company with Leading Products

Navitas prides itself on applying military/industrial design and manufacturing principles to its product offerings, and invests whatever is necessary in people, processes, and facilities to make these products number one in their target markets. Maintaining a leading industry position helps to ensure the company’s continued success serving customers.


“Purpose-Built” Advanced Lithium Batteries for Demanding Applications

Reason 3: A Company with Comprehensive Capabilities

Navitas has invested to be fully vertically integrated—everything from inventions in chemistry and battery cell design, to development and manufacturing of battery management system electronics, to complete design and assembly of very large lithium battery systems.

Reason 4: A Company which Leverages the Scale and Strength of East Penn Manufacturing

Navitas isn’t owned by some distant venture capital firm or Fortune 500 company whose decisions are solely driven by short-term quarterly financial results; Navitas is majority owned by East Penn Manufacturing, a multi-billion dollar annual revenue battery manufacturer which is privately-owned, and makes its decisions for the long term success of its company, its people, and its customers.

“East Penn and Navitas share corporate values of quality, research and development, and ethical integrity. Chairman and Founder, Alan ElShafei, has built a rich company culture at Navitas very similar to ours here at East Penn. Navitas also shares our passion for producing safe, high quality Lithium products. We are happy to be joining in partnership with such a strong, well-established company.”

Chris Pruitt
CEO & President
East Penn Manufacturing


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