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Navitas Systems Receives $1.55 Million Advanced Military Battery Award

Contract from Alion Science and Technology Helps Fuel Development

of a Next-Generation Lithium Ion  Battery

Woodridge, IL –October 20, 2014 – Navitas Systems LLC (, a leading provider of energy-enabled system solutions, energy storage products, and power electronics for commercial, industrial and government/military customers, announced today they have been awarded a contract, by Alion Science and Technology Corporation, worth up to $1.55 million. Navitas has been tasked to develop a next-generation lithium ion “6T” battery system for use in military applications, with a focus on ground combat vehicle applications.

The standard battery for the Unites States, and many NATO ground combat vehicles, is the 6T battery, which has to-date been based on lead acid chemistry.  For example, a HUMVEE vehicle has two 6T batteries, and an Abrams tank can have from six to twelve 6T batteries. Last month, Navitas announced its new product family of lithium batteries in popular lead acid battery sizes, called UltaniumTM.  One of the batteries in this new family is targeted to dual-use commercial and military applications, called the Ultanium 6T battery.  The Ultanium 6T is engineered to deliver a longer-lasting, lighter-weight battery system for engine start, as well as deep cycle longer-duration “Silent Watch” functionality.

Currently, there are three companies who are funded by Alion Science and Technology to develop a first generation lithium 6T Battery:  Navitas Systems, Saft, and Eagle Picher.  Navitas is the first, and so-far only, company to be awarded an additional contract for the development of a second generation lithium ion 6T Battery.  Navitas Systems will leverage the award to enhance the capabilities of its current Ultanium Military 6T Battery, by significantly increasing the energy and power density over the current first generation lithium version.

Navitas will be developing both the cell and pack technology for the second generation Ultanium6T lithium ion battery. In addition, Navitas plans to commercialize the cell for dual-use applications.  The features of the new technology will ultimately address long cycle and calendar life, high charge acceptance rate, reduced weight and an intelligent battery management system designed to maximize the performance of the overall system.  The UltaniumTM 6T Generation II battery will be designed and assembled in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

“We are extremely honored to have been chosen to develop the next generation lithium ion battery for Alion and the US military. Our past performance and strong research and development team has put us in a position where we can partner with market leaders, such as Alion, on mission critical applications,” stated Navitas Systems’ President Mil Ovan.

Navitas is tasked with improving upon the 6T battery platform for use in high demand environments. The goal is to develop a battery that will enable high efficiency to vehicles that spend extended time with engines idling to power onboard electronics. Eliminating engine idling dramatically improves fuel economy and reduces emissions.

“Navitas Systems’ focus is on light-weight, long-lasting, high performance 6T batteries engineered to meet the specific, demanding requirements of our military’s vehicle programs,” said Les Alexander, General Manager of Navitas Advanced Solutions Group. “The demands of the Army are second to none and they require a battery that will improve performance and efficiency for our troops in the field on a daily basis.”

About Navitas Systems, LLC

Navitas Systems is a leader in integrated design, technology development, and manufacturing of innovative energy-enabled system solutions and energy storage products for commercial, industrial and government agency customers.  Navitas Systems products range from customized energy storage solutions for motive, idle-reduction and defense related applications, along with custom renewable energy integrated power systems, to standard products like lithium based lead-acid replacement batteries.  Our ruggedized lithium energy storage products are the perfect choice for any high-performance multi-cell battery application that requires lower weight, reduced volume, massively increased cycle life, higher efficiency, and environmental durability.

Navitas is headquartered in a state-of-the-art 100,000 square foot facility in Woodridge, Illinois.   In early 2012, the company acquired the Government Solutions Group of lithium battery manufacturer A123 Systems.  With this acquired major research facility located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, along with strong local and offshore partners and solid financial stability, Navitas is well positioned to continue serving the energy products and power electronics needs of major worldwide customers.

From advanced R&D, safe/high energy cell design, in-house electronics manufacturing and cable assemblies, to sophisticated battery pack assembly, Navitas Systems is your one-stop shop for comprehensive energy and power electronics solutions.  For more information visit and follow @Navitas_Systems on Twitter.