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Navitas Systems means "Energy"

Nancie and I want to welcome you to Navitas Systems.  As you dive into our web site, I hope you’ll find that we are passionate in all things batteries. This passion to create the best battery systems is why we took two of our prior companies, MicroSun Innovative Energy Storage Solutions, and MicroSun Electronics and combined them with the acquisition of lithium battery company A123 Systems’ Government Solutions Group to form Navitas Systems.   

When you look at the landscape of battery companies, on one end there are large cell manufacturers who are pushing their respective battery chemistry regardless of what the application is.  And on the other end are small battery companies who simply resell battery cells and systems made by others.  Navitas is unique in that number one we have the capabilities to do our own research and development of new battery chemistries, secondly we have strategic sourcing relationships with numerous cell manufacturers and we apply our sophisticated test equipment to confirm performance, and three we have the best systems engineers to design and assemble these cells into robust battery products and systems.  We’re taking this wide and deep engineering excellence to bring the best advanced large format battery systems to industrial and government/military customers for their demanding applications.  We’d be honored to build a system for you.

  Alan ElShafei, Chairman & Founder


Customer Intimacy

We sit “on the same side of the table” as our customer.  By not having an agenda to “push” a particular chemistry, we work collaboratively and together iterate on what’s the best solution.  With that comes mutual trust, and the outcome is the best solution, time after time.


Value Innovation

Leverage the brainpower of the R&D scientists and battery engineers gained from our acquisition of the A123 Systems Government group—and combine that with our long-established relationships with that subset of best battery cell providers in the world—to create compelling, cost-effective, and highly differentiated solutions for our customers.


Speed with Accuracy

Because our company’s focus is on tough energy challenges, naturally our customers have an acute urgency. Our organization is architected to identify, design, and deliver the highest quality solution in the minimum amount of time, fulfilling our upfront commitments. The trust we’ve earned speeds commerce, and both our customers and our company win as a result.


Competitiveness, Quality, & Fiscal Sustainability

Invest in the infrastructure which ensures we’re designing, making, and testing our products for maximum performance, life, and safety.  Earn a suitable return on our investments through fair-for-all pricing, enabling us to reinvest in the business and be there for our customers for the long-term.


Management Team

I’d like to introduce you to one of the finest management teams in the industry.  Through internal growth, strategic acquisitions and targeted recruiting, we've assembled a group of executives second to none in their knowledge of the energy storage and power electronics industries.  All told, our management team alone approaches almost 200 years of collective experience in these two industries.  People who have been “around the block”, know the fastest path to solutions, and have their own trusted networks of relationships.  We look forward to adding you the visitor to this network of trust.

Nancie ElShafei, Owner

Alan ElShafei Navitas CEOAlan ElShafei

Alan ElShafei, Chairman and Founder

Alan ElShafei is the Chairman and Founder of Navitas Systems. Prior to Navitas, Mr. ElShafei was the Founder and CEO of MicroSun Technologies, MicroSun IESS and MicroSun Electronics. He has 30 years of experience and leadership in the battery systems and power electronics industries. Applying his technical and business experience, he founded MicroSun Technologies in 2003, and went on to build a highly profitable $40 million enterprise employing over 300 people in three locations. His breadth of experience encompasses design, direct sales, and operations inshore and offshore. Mr. ElShafei was inducted into the Chicago Area Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame, and is a member of Vistage Group, a Limited Partner and Executive Council member with Morgenthaler, Board member of Palladium Energy, member of the President’s Forum, as well as the Association for Corporate Growth. Mr. ElShafei is a well-known thought leader in the alternative energy industry, with a successful track record in growing companies profitably by focusing on innovations, delighting customers and associates.

Prior to MicroSun, Mr. ElShafei held the following positions: VP – Business Development and Engineering with Lexstar Technologies, Inc. (2000-2003); VP – Engineering and Technical Sales with TDI Batteries, a division of Tyco Electronics (1984-2000). During his tenure with TDI Batteries, Mr. ElShafei led and completed the start-up of HET, Inc. to develop and manufacture Lithium polymer batteries. As an executive officer he was instrumental in growing the company from $5M to $175M in annual sales. Mr. ElShafei holds a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois Chicago, and an MBA from Benedictine University. Mr. ElShafei has been married to Nancie for 30 years and has three children Samer, Ramsey, and Reem.

Nancie ElShafeiNancie ElShafei


Mrs. Elshafei is the Owner of Navitas Systems. Mrs. Elshafei has over 20 years’ experience in running Operations and IT Application Development. She oversees all Accounting, Finance, Human Resource, and the Information Technology departments of Navitas. Prior to Navitas, Ms. Elshafei owned and operated MicroSun Technologies as the Chief Finance Officer. Prior to MicroSun Technologies she worked with Bank of America – Leasing Division, formally known as Fleet Boston Financial (1985-2004). She has a BS in Accounting from Ferris State University. She is married to Alan Elshafei for over 28 years and they have three children.

Tom GolabThomas Golab

Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Golab is responsible for the financial statements, new business ventures, and legal review. Prior to Navitas, Mr. Golab was the Vice President of Business Development for MicroSun Technologies. He has also held the following positions: CFO of U-Store-It Group LLC (2003-2005); CFO of Lexstar Technologies Inc. (1992-2003); Corporate Controller of RTO Inc. (1989-1991); and Audit Manager of KPMG Peat Marwick (1984-1989). Mr. Golab holds a CPA and has a BS in Accounting from Purdue University.

Mil OvanMil Ovan


Mr. Ovan is responsible for overseeing all functional areas of the company. Mr. Ovan brings over 30 years of experience focused on bringing discontinuous world-changing new technologies to global marketplaces. Mr. Ovan has built and run start-up companies, and has created new divisions at Fortune 500 companies. Prior to Navitas, Mr. Ovan was a Principal of Nova Associates, providing marketing and business development consulting to renewable energy and advanced material companies. Prior to Nova Associates, Mr. Ovan previously served as SVP/ co-founder of Firefly Energy, a $50M start-up company which developed a next generation battery technology originally incubated at Caterpillar. Prior to Firefly, Mr. Ovan served as President and Co-founder of Verascape, a $10 million start-up providing voice recognition infrastructure to major enterprises and carriers. Prior to Verascape, Mr. Ovan was VP of Marketing & Business Development for a broadband-on-demand company called WarpSpeed Communications, a $30 million Bay Area start-up funded by AT&T, 3COM, and New Enterprise Associates. Before WarpSpeed, Mr. Ovan spent 12 years at Motorola, at the forefront in the creation and/or advancement of new communications categories such as Cellular Systems, Wireless LANs and Wireless PDAs. Just prior to leaving Motorola, he was co-founder and executive director of the Wireless Broadband Systems division. Mr. Ovan received an MBA in Marketing from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in International Business from Elmhurst College.

Les AlexanderLes Alexander

General Manager Navitas ASG

Mr. Alexander brings operations, government contracting, financial and marketing experience to Navitas Systems. Prior to Navitas, Mr. Alexander was General Manager of A123 Systems’ Government Solutions Group. He has held Executive positions in Finance and Accounting, Operations and Procurement, with twenty years of domestic and international business experience and a successful history of process development and management. Mr. Alexander is a retired Commander, U.S. Naval Logistics Officer who served in the Persian Gulf War. He has been assigned to lead large projects for multiple naval ships and bases. Mr. Alexander earned a B.A. in Economics (Finance / Management) and M.S. in Management (Government Contracting).

Samer ElShafeiSamer ElShafei

Director of Commercial Products & Business Development

Mr. ElShafei is responsible for business development, growth, profitability and customer service. Prior to Navitas, Mr. ElShafei was the co-founder and business development manager for MicroSun IESS, and held various positions at MicroSun Technologies and MicroSun Asia. He is a member of the Electric Vehicle Charging Industry/National Lab Advisory Board, and is on the H-DEV Mentorship Board. He holds a BS in International Business from The Ohio State University.

Pu Zhang

Principal Scientist/Director of Research

Dr. Pu Zhang has 14 years’ experience in development of novel materials, processes, and systems for lithium ion battery applications. He has been winning and managing various R&D programs, including developments of high energy Si composite anode, high voltage safe cathode, long cycled Li-S cathode, high energy structured electrodes, multifunctional binder, and advanced electrode manufacturing processes. He is a co-inventor of 15 issued patents and patent applications.

Dr. Zhang currently directs Navitas Research Group to discover advanced materials and to develop customized Li ion and beyond Li technologies for specialty applications, including thin film, portable, man-wearable, UAV, underwater, and military vehicle applications. Prior to Navitas, he was a Senior Scientist in T/J Technologies Inc. and a Principal Research Scientist in A123 Systems’ Advanced Research and Government Solutions Group (ARGS). He holds a PhD in chemistry from Brown University, followed by postdoctoral experience in Chemical Engineering at University of Illinois Urbana–Champaign.

Mike WixomDr. Michael Wixom

Senior Director of Business Development, Government R&D, Navitas ASG

Dr. Wixom was previously the Sr. Technical Director of the Advanced Research and Government Solutions Group (ARGS) of A123 Systems. The ARGS was formed upon the acquisition of T/J Technologies, of which Dr. Wixom was a co-founder. In his 15 years with A123 Systems and T/J Technologies, Dr. Wixom has lead several programs to develop advanced electrode materials for lithium batteries, ultra-capacitors, and fuel cells. From 2005-2008 he directed a successful $5.1M program to develop nanophosphate batteries and deliver prototype cells for Army manned ground vehicles. He is presently managing the small prismatic cell assembly team and facility at ARGS. He has authored 18 papers and is a co-inventor on six issued patents assigned for electrode materials and processing for rechargeable lithium batteries, fuel cells and ultra-capacitors. He has made invited presentations at the Fifth International Seminar on Double Layer Capacitors and Similar Energy Storage Devices in December, 1995; the MRS 1997 and 2000 Fall Meetings; and the Lithium Mobile Power 2004 meeting by the Knowledge Foundation. Dr. Wixom has expertise in the electrochemical methods used to evaluate batteries, ultra-capacitors, and electro-catalysts.

Chris SilkowskiChris Silkowski, M.S. Assistant Director, R&D Development Group


Assistant Director, R&D Development Group

Chris Silkowski manages the Development arm of the Navitas ASG R&D group, and leads conceptualization, design, analysis, development, validation testing, production and delivery of Navitas’ custom lithium-ion cell products. The Development Group owns Navitas ASG's cell engineering, product development, cell assembly shop, formation, cell electrical testing, and abuse testing functions. Mr. Silkowski has 14 years’ experience in the lithium-ion battery field. Prior to Navitas, he was a Scientist at T/J Technologies and Senior Development Scientist in A123 Systems’ Advanced Research and Government Solutions Group (ARGS) and worked on a variety of projects ranging from commercial (Formula 1 racing ERS cell) to military applications (advanced hybrid BB2590 battery, generation 2 lithium-ion 6T vehicle starter battery). Mr. Silkowski holds two degrees in chemistry, a B.S. from Alma College and M.S. from Bowling Green State University.

States M. Mead


Vice President of Manufacturing

States Mead is responsible for the overall functions of the Ann Arbor, MI manufacturing location including production, purchasing, manufacturing engineering, logistics, cap-ex, and facilities. Mr. Mead brings over 19 years of Lean Manufacturing and management experience including Six Sigma and Lean Silver certifications, having received his BS in Industrial Engineering at Iowa State in 1997 and obtained his MBA in 2006. He obtained and has maintained his Bronze and Lean Silver Certification from Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) since 2009.

Mr. Mead learned the majority of his Lean knowledge while working as an Industrial Engineer at The Hon Company, which was an early adaptor of the Toyota Production System (TPS) methodologies in the early 1990’s. Additionally, he has served many roles at The Morey Corporation including Manufacturing Engineering Manager, Maintenance and Facilities Manager. He was in likewise responsible for the company’s overall capital equipment, facility growth and expansion projects. Mr. Mead also served as Senior Solutions Engineer for five years at Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of North America, providing solutions of equipment, lean manufacturing and software solutions to worldwide top-tier contract manufacturers resulting in millions of dollars in hard savings. He also spent eight years at Tyco Electronics, serving as a Business Unit Leader and Manufacturing Manager for U.S. operations while supporting Mexico, China, and Brazil facilities.

Roger Trackwell

Director – Engineering and Program Management

Roger Trackwell is a seasoned engineer and program manager with over twenty years of experience in the defense, automotive, and heavy equipment industries. He previously held senior engineering and management positions with both General Dynamics and Meritor, Inc. As a retired USAF combat veteran, Roger brings a unique perspective into what it takes to make programs successful for today’s warfighter and combat programs. Further, as a Six Sigma Master Black Belt and PMP, he has been successful in bringing new commercial technologies and products into production while meeting schedule, budgetary, and EBIDTA targets.

Mr. Trackwell hold a B.S. from Cleveland Institute of Engineering, a MA from Liberty University, and is a PhD candidate with Grand Canyon University.

Kevin Hykin


Kevin Hykin is the President/COO of Navitas Systems. He has over two decades of experience in the automotive industry and has also spent time in the aerospace and petroleum industries. His professional experience is complemented by a strong educational background. He has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, a master’s in Computer Information Systems (Focus: Distributed Networking, System Architecture), and a master’s in Business Administration (Focus: Finance, Entrepreneurship).

In his technical roles, he spent time in both hardware and software development. His hardware experience includes the design and development of embedded systems from prototype to commercialized product. His software development focused on mission-critical real-time multi-processor deterministic systems that were used for testing vehicle systems. He also has extensive experience with HMI and web based products. He has also spent a great deal of time commercializing new products and is a Certified New Product Development Professional. At Navitas Systems, he leverages his experience in Engineering, New Product Development, and Operations Management to guide the Navitas Operations Team to deliver exceptional results for our customers.

Advisory Board

Kenneth Ehrman

Ken Ehrman founded I.D. Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:IDSY) in 1993 as a Stanford University engineering student, when he saw a growing opportunity for intelligent machine-to-machine (M2M) wireless technology to add value in industrial applications. Ken’s vision of the future turned into what is now called the “Internet of Things”—a market that ABI Research estimates at 10 billion devices today, exploding to 30 billion by the end of this decade.

In the mid-1990s, Ken pioneered the commercial use of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology for industrial asset management—specifically for postal tracking, rental car management, and industrial vehicle management. Based on early successes with the U.S. Postal Service, Avis, and Ford Motor Company, among other customers, Ken took I.D. Systems public in 1999.

Under Ken’s leadership, I.D. Systems was named by Deloitte as one of North America’s fastest growing technology companies in 2005, 2006, and 2012. Many of the world’s most admired organizations utilize I.D. Systems’ technology, including the world’s largest retailer, auto maker, food producer, and consumer products manufacturer.

Ken drove the growth of I.D. Systems’ intellectual property portfolio, co-authoring over 40 patents related to wireless communications, mobile data, asset tracking, power management, cargo and impact sensing, and rental car management.

Bob ChlebekBob Chlebek

Mr. Chlebek has enjoyed a successful career as President of multiple corporations and leader to many. He retired as President of Electronics Instruments at Ametek, Inc. on December 31, 2008.

He also served as President of Philips Components North America from 1993 to 1997 and held several management positions at Texas Instruments. Working within Ametek’s $900M highly profitable Instrument business, Mr. Chlebek gained 11 years of experience serving Power Systems & Instruments, Aerospace & Defense, and Industrial Markets.

Bob LindemanBob Lindeman

Bob Lindeman is a Managing Director of The Overture Group. His consulting experience over the last 30 years includes a variety of engagements in manufacturing, wholesale, distribution, associations and professional services.

For over 25 years, Bob was a Partner and Managing Director at the fifth largest accounting and consulting firm in the Unites States, which focused on middle market companies.

Bob consulted on executive- and management-level searches, ownership and management succession plan development and transition planning, financial and strategic planning, operational and process improvement, sales force compensation, annual and long-term incentive plans and organizational and succession planning.

Bob ProsenBob Prosen

Meet Bob Prosen - the business expert companies like AT&T, Hitachi, Sabre and hundreds of small businesses trust when they need results. As president and CEO of The Prosen Center for Business Advancement, Bob shows business leaders -- how to rapidly improve performance and profit to achieve unprecedented financial and operational success.

Bob teaches the nation’s only business execution programs using proven tools and innovative tactics across all industry sectors. His speaking engagements and workshops are in demand around the world by companies committed to achieving exceptional operating results.

Marty BollingerMarty Bollinger

Marty Bollinger is a Senior Vice President at Booz & Company, the management consultancy founded in 1914. He has been with the firm for 27 years and specializes in the aerospace, defense and technology industries. He has also served US government clients such as the FAA, NASA and Department of Defense and has testified before Congress on aviation safety.

Marty serves on the global Board of Directors of Booz & Company, a $1.3 billion privately-held company with 3,300 employees. He also served on the Board of Directors of Booz Allen Hamilton prior to the split of that firm in 2008 and played an essential role in the sale of Booz Allen’s US government business to a private-equity firm. Marty has also served on the global Executive Committee of Booz & Company and, earlier, on the leadership teams of both the government and commercial businesses of Booz Allen Hamilton.