Why You Should Join Navitas Systems

A Company in Attractive Markets

Navitas Systems participates in multi-billion dollar markets including the government/defense industry and the forklift industry. The growth in these markets –from over $11B today to $55B in 2022–assures our company and its associates an expanding set of opportunities well into the future.

A Company with Leading Products

Navitas prides itself on applying military/industrial design and manufacturing principles to its product offerings, and invests whatever is necessary in people, processes, and facilities to make these products number one in their target markets. Maintaining a leading position versus competitors is fun, and helps to ensure the company’s continued success.

A Company with Many Capabilities

Navitas has invested to be fully vertically integrated—everything from inventions in chemistry and battery cell design, to development and manufacturing of battery management system electronics, to complete assembly of very large lithium battery systems. Whatever you like to do—hardware, software, electrochemistry, testing, quality control, manufacturing, service, sales—we have the job for you.

A Company which is Well-Financed and Controls Its Own Destiny

Navitas isn’t owned by some distant venture capital firm or Fortune 500 company who is solely interested in the quarterly financial results; Navitas is family-owned, and makes its decisions for the long term success of its company and people.

A Company with a Diverse Workforce

Another great strength of Navitas is the diversity of its people, with an inclusive culture which prizes different backgrounds to come up with the best ideas and solutions to customers’ needs. A Company in One Of The Most Attractive Small Cities in the US Ann Arbor Michigan is home to the University of Michigan. Its culture and high percentage of really smart people make it an ideal place to locate you and your family.

A Company who is Growing Fast

Navitas is expanding rapidly, and with that you’ll never be bored, and have many opportunities for advancement in your career. We’re looking for people with a creative and entrepreneurial spirit who want to succeed. Come join our Team!

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