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Field Service Technician

Application Deadline: May 31, 2019

Location: USA

What is the minimum amount of experience you would accept?
3 years min.

What group/division will they be working in?
Industrial and Commercial Division

How many direct reports would report to this position? What are their titles?
No direct reports

Day to day responsibilities:
Address customer issues via phone, email, and text
Manage installation schedule; Perform installation on customer site
Develop knowledge based troubleshooting and frequently asked questions (FAQ) guides
Support development of field service tool
Identify requirements for product by observing customer use cases while on-site
Read DTC files, CAN logs, and other files to troubleshoot issues
Flash updated SW
Support user manual development
Drive feedback into process to ensure engineering designs account to fix field issues
Establish relationship at service level
Perform order checkout
Install customer orders and train
Train dealers, manufacturers, and end customers on operation & troubleshooting
Assist on the manufacturing floor to assemble and test packs
Support test and validation with duplicating field issues to support SW & HW for root cause analysis
Work with manufacturing to ensure timely manufacturing and shipping of products

Technical Skills required: (i.e. software, hardware, etc):
Technical Training e.g. associates degree, ITT tech etc
3 years of work experience in field service
Customer facing role
Capable of reading DTC codes, CAN logs, SW flash, and troubleshooting electronics and systems
Proficient in Microsoft Office
Must be flexible and adapt easily to change.
Able to travel 25% - 50% of time.
Organization and process oriented

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