East Penn Now Offers Customers More Battery Choices with a Complete Motive Power Lithium and Lead Portfolio

East Penn Manufacturing, makers of Deka® Batteries, now offers the most complete line of
both Lead and Lithium material handling battery products for Class I, II, and III operations.
East Penn claims that there needs to be more than just a “one-size fits all solution” for
today’s varying types of operations, capital expenditures, environments, and multiple
charging regimens.
East Penn secured its place as the product offering leader with its majority acquisition of
specialty lithium manufacturer Navitas Systems in August of 2019. The Deka brand, in both
Lead and Lithium technologies, is poised to help customers tackle all of today’s material
handling challenges with varying levels of solutions for complexity, levels of maintenance,
charging performance, sustainability, and energy density.
“We are a multi-platform, one-stop shop for today’s fleet, no matter the need. We have the
experience, analytical tools, and technology advantage to help our customer choose the best
solution based on their individual needs. Our diverse product line allows the customer to
benefit by finding and choosing the best technology to move more pallets in the most costeffective way, making their lives easier.” stated Doug Bouquard, VP of MP Sales, East Penn.
Deka batteries with lead-based designs provide multiple options ranging from light-duty
product with on-board chargers to heavy-duty Fast, Opportunity, and Conventional charged
product in both flooded and maintenance-free options. The Deka Ready Power® is
East Penn’s new lithium battery line. Powered by Navitas Systems, it is the first lithium
motive power battery to be awarded UL approval for all three truck classes. The Deka
Ready Power features higher energy density, a rugged exclusive Battery Management
System (BMS), and over 30 sizing options for Class I, II, and III operations.
All Deka products feature a level of support unmatched by the rest of the industry, including
a nationwide network of technicians and customer support, extended life, and a safe and
responsible end-of-life solution.
East Penn is a leading manufacturer of high-quality lead batteries and accessories for the motive power,
automotive, commercial, marine, UPS, and telecommunication markets. The company’s quality and
environmental systems for its entire 520-acre complex have been certified to ISO 9001:2015, IATF
16949:2016, and ISO 14001:2015. Navitas Systems is a leader in lithium with integrated design,
technology development, and manufacturing of innovative energy-enabled system solutions and energy
storage products for industrial and government agency customers. The company is located in Ann Arbor
Michigan, with both a 48,000 square foot R&D, engineering, and manufacturing center, as well as a new
100,000 square foot lithium forklift battery manufacturing center. More information on Navitas
Systems is available at www.navitassys.com. For more information about East Penn and its Motive
Power offering, visit the company website at www.dekabatteries.com.