Navitas Systems Announces New Off-Grid Transportable Energy System

From: Navitas Systems, LLC
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Navitas Systems Announces New Off-Grid Transportable Energy System
New FrontierIon Product Provides Power in Challenging Locations for Military, Government Agency, and Commercial Applications

Woodridge, IL – September 11, 2014 – Navitas Systems LLC (, a leading provider of energy-enabled system solutions and energy storage products for commercial, industrial and government agency customers, announced today the availability of its new all-in-one off-grid energy system, called FrontierionTM.

The Navitas Frontierion system is a configurable, rugged, man-transportable remote power system with integrated energy storage and power inverter electronics.  When connected to a flexible or rigid solar panel, it enables DC power from the solar panels or the integrated energy storage (lead acid or lithium-ion batteries) to be converted to stable and secure 115/220V AC, 12V DC, and 24V DC power output.  Each power input and output can be independently switched into or out of the system.  The system also maintains a high level of safety by incorporating multiple layers of protection to include short circuit protection, over-current protection, and externally resettable protection which is accessed without need of opening the box.  The Frontierion system enables users to rapidly deploy and re-deploy mobile power systems that require no fuel for continuous, secure power.
“We’re reminded today of all days, September 11th, that we need to be prepared for emergencies.   Having a combined energy storage/renewable energy solution which provides power when no electric grid is available is vitally important,” said Mil Ovan, President of Navitas Systems.  “In addition to emergency preparedness, there are many rigorous and severe environments where traditional power is either unavailable, or not preferred due to engine noise or fuel scarcity.  The applications for this new product are numerous, and range from an insurance company’s ‘Go-Team’ responding to a tornado and processing on-site claims while plugged into Frontierion, to a Border agent powering his equipment while the vehicle’s engine is off, to a remote construction site needing power for computing and communications, or to a military platoon deploying the Frontierion system while on a patrol.  Customers are going to be very pleased with how versatile this flexible new all-in-one energy system is,” Ovan concluded.

The Frontierion system can come configured with different sized energy storage modules, ranging from 1.2 to 10 kilowatt hours of total capacity.  Photovoltaic panel options are also available, ranging from flexible or semi-rigid foldable PV panels, as well as rigid PV panels.

Since the Frontierion system provides a wide range of PV and energy storage configurability options, customers can contact Navitas Systems for specific pricing and availability.

About Navitas Systems, LLC

Navitas Systems is a leader in integrated design, technology development, and manufacturing of innovative energy-enabled system solutions and energy storage products for commercial, industrial and government agency customers.  Navitas Systems products range from customized energy storage solutions for motive, idle-reduction and defense related applications, along with custom renewable energy integrated power systems, to standard products like lithium based lead-acid replacement batteries.  Our ruggedized lithium energy storage products are the perfect choice for any high-performance multi-cell battery application that requires lower weight, reduced volume, massively increased cycle life, higher efficiency, and environmental durability.

Navitas is headquartered in a state-of-the-art 100,000 square foot facility in Woodridge, Illinois.   In early 2012, the company acquired the Government Solutions Group of lithium battery manufacturer A123 Systems.  With this acquired major research facility located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, along with strong local and offshore partners and solid financial stability, Navitas is well positioned to continue serving the energy products and power electronics needs of major worldwide customers.

From advanced R&D, safe/high energy cell design, in-house electronics manufacturing and cable assemblies, to sophisticated battery pack assembly, Navitas Systems is your one-stop shop for comprehensive energy and power electronics solutions.  For more information visit and follow @Navitas_Systems on Twitter.