Custom Advanced Cell Development & Evaluations

Navitas has a particularly strong and unique competence in applying its engineering expertise to a variety of challenges.

Supply Chain Cell Verification Testing

When we build battery systems, we don’t just take the cell provider’s data sheet at face value; we subject these cells to the critical eye of our comprehensive suite of testing equipment, and verify performance on our own.  We want to know, does the candidate cell cycle as promised, does it have the expected capacity at different charge and discharge rates, and numerous other performance questions.  We will not put anything less than the best tested cell into the comprehensive systems we sell to our customers.  That’s because it’s our name on the system.

Custom Cell Development

If a suitable cell doesn’t exist, our scientists and engineers will “design and make it”.  Our team has designed advanced cells that are proven by independent field testing to outperform the state-of-the- art in lithium battery technologies.  More than ten custom lithium-ion cells have been designed and prototyped.  There’s a reason why our walls are full of patent plaques.  These folks are the innovation engine for our company.

 In addition to assessing external suppliers’ cells, and designing/making our own cells, we also have earned the business of several government agencies and defense branches, successfully winning and executing on several important R&D programs.  This keeps the innovation engine turning, which ultimately results in applicability to our commercial products and systems.


Design & Scale-Up Consulting Services

Finally, our team also engages with other participants in the battery industry, to assess how battery chemistries and battery designs can perform more effectively in the lab, and then how the optimized cell can be scaled for manufacturing. 

 So the breadth of expertise enables us to span from core R&D all the way through to commercial systems. And the depth of experience enables us to span multiple types of applications.