Drop-in Lithium Batteries to Replace Lead Acid

Introducing UltaniumTM, a new product family of Lithium lead acid replacement batteries. Designed and assembled in the USA, Ultanium highlights Navitas’ newest advancements--a lithium battery which is in the same size as popular military lead acid batteries, and is designed to work with existing alteranators; offering a seamless drop-in replacement.

The Navitas Ultanium 6T lithium battery is a 24 volt lithium 6T battery, targeted to the 24 volt electrical systems of military vehicles.

This battery is optimized for both starting and deep cycle applications, and features an integrated battery management system for high safety. Ultanium batteries are vastly improved in cycle life, runtime, capacity recovery and require less charging time to reach a given amp hour performance level. In fact, Ultanium is nearly 50% faster in ampere hours to full state-of-charge than traditional 6T lead acid batteries.

Ultanium batteries are also easier on a vehicle’s electronics systems, because voltage throughout the discharge doesn’t fade unlike lead acid batteries. Ultanium provides a battery which is ideal for heavy commercial and military use, enabling extra room for vital equipment, since an Ultanium string of batteries is 50% more compact when needing to add batteries for meeting a particular run time objective. Due to weighing in at 50% less than the competition, Ultanium also offers better driving dynamics and fuel consumption under rigorous conditions.

For more information, please download our Ultanium 6T datasheet from the link below:

Ultanium 6T Datasheet