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Idle-Reduction Battery Systems

Idling of commercial and emergency vehicles is a major issue among municipalities, both in terms of burgeoning fuel prices and expenses, as well as air pollution.  According to surveys nationally, a typical police squad car spends anywhere from 30-60% of a shift idling. And at anywhere from half to a full gallon per hour consumed in idling, costs add up quickly.

It would be ideal to simply turn-off the vehicle when parked, but with all the onboard 21st century electronics systems, 19th century lead acid batteries can’t support key-off use for very long periods of time.

With the addition of a Navitas idle-reduction system, drivers of ambulances, fire trucks, border patrol, and police vehicles will soon be able to turn their vehicles off and still power all of their electrical equipment without the worry of their starter battery dying.  Watch for an upcoming announcement launching this new product!  Sign up here to be notified.