We’re excited to be spotlighting our new advancement for the world of industrial forklifts: The Starlifter Deep Cycle Lithium Battery.

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Lithium Motive Battery Systems

Lithium Motive Battery Systems

The future of forklift batteries is here–Starlifter Lithium

Navitas Systems is pleased to introduce its Starlifter Lithium deep cycle forklift battery system, specifically engineered for the rigors of the material handling market.

The industry-leading line of Class 1 & 2 lithium forklift batteries called StarLifterTMis designed to overcome the productivity and maintenance challenges experienced in high-intensity and cold temperature warehouse applications.

Starlifter is designed for rapid recharging, so one battery serves two and three shift operations without need of changing out. Starlifter needs zero maintenance–No watering—ever. Starlifter recharges in one hour, and they hold that high consistent runtime throughout their longer calendar and cycle life!

The Starlifter battery is designed and assembled in the United States, and is the only family of 24, 36, and 48 volt lithium batteries in the industry to have the highest mark of UL-Listed.