We’re excited to be spotlighting our new advancement for the world of industrial forklifts: The Starlifter Deep Cycle Lithium Battery.

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The future of forklift batteries is here–Starlifter Lithium

Navitas Systems is pleased to introduce its Starlifter Lithium deep cycle forklift battery system, specifically engineered for the rigors of the material handling market. Starlifter is designed for rapid recharging, so one battery serves two and three shift operations without need of changing out. Starlifter needs zero maintenance–No watering—ever. You get no corrosion or electrolyte dry-out, and no sulfation when the battery is left partially discharged. Plus, there’s no dangerous spills or off-gassing.

Starlifter recharges in one hour, compared to 16 hours for lead acid. Starlifter also enjoys a 40% runtime improvement in cold warehouses. And they hold that high consistent runtime throughout their longer calendar and cycle life!

Companies can save significant money by eliminating battery maintenance and changes, and driver uptime and productivity improve as well, meaning morepedal time”…and lessdown-time for your Class 1 and 2 forklifts!  The Starlifter battery is designed and manufactured in the United States.

Brands: Navitas Systems Starlifter Lithium Deep Cycle Forklift Battery System

The Starlifter lithium pack fast-charges more efficiently throughout a 3-shift operation, so only one Starlifter lithium battery is needed per truck compared to three lead acid battery packs for a multi-shift customer environment.

The industry-leading line of Class 1 & 2 lithium forklift batteries called StarLifterTMis designed to overcome the productivity and maintenance challenges experienced in high-intensity and cold temperature warehouse applications. Starlifter’s benefits:

  • Zero maintenance– no watering, no hydrogen off-gassing ; no dry-out in high temps
    unlike lead acid
  • Very long cycle life – 2x or greater than lead acid
  • Ability to charge to 100% capacity in just 1 hour–vs up to 16 hours with lead acid
  • Stiffer voltage resulting in “peppier” operation of the forklifts when driving & lifting
  • Higher round trip efficiency– lower charging utility bills and cool temperature operation
  • 40% greater battery capacity retention vs lead acid in cold warehouse applications
  • Ability to continuously run forklifts for 3-shift per day operation for a week with opportunity charging–just two 15 minute charges and one 30 minute charge per truck/shift
  • Use of one lithium battery per truck, which never needs to be removed from the truck