Navitas Systems Ultanium Group31 Lithium Battery

Military Batteries & Systems

The needs of the military for energy storage solutions are many and varied.  From “Silent Watch” to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, to augmentation of generators to reduce fuel consumption, military personnel are in a never-yielding search for better battery solutions.

The most prominent military vehicle battery is called the “6T”, and throughout its history this battery has always been based on lead acid.  That’s going to soon change.  Navitas’ new 24 volt “UltaniumTM 6T” military battery is our first of a family of drop-in lithium-ion lead acid replacement batteries.  We invite you to download our data sheet to learn more about the many ways our battery’s performance puts it head-and-shoulders above classic lead acid UltaniumTM  6T batteries. Download the UltaniumTM  6T data sheet here.

Navitas Systems is an ITAR-registered company.   There are many other programs we are currently working on that are military-sensitive, which can’t be disclosed on a web site or via other public means.  If you’re a defense contractor looking to partner with a small/woman-owned business, and who has the “big business” battery expertise to address challenging energy storage applications, you’ve come to the right place.  Let’s sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement and get the dialog going.