Navitas Systems Advanced Solutions Group (ASG) is at the forefront of research and development into the most promising “Advanced Lithium” and “Beyond Lithium” battery technologies. Funding for these research projects comes from within Navitas and East Penn, as well as from contract awards by a broad spectrum of customers including branches of the US Department of Defense, the Department of Energy, NASA, certain automobile and consumer electronics manufacturers, and Defense contractors. We partner with universities, national labs, and industrial partners (including small businesses) to accelerate advanced and beyond lithium battery technologies.

Among the various battery technology research projects, developments include advanced silicon and lithium metal anode, Ni-rich layered oxides (NMC, NCA),  5 Volt-class high-voltage cathode, lithium sulfur battery and solid state battery.  Navitas scientists are also skilled at electrode manufacturing improvements such as “Advanced Drying Process” to fabricate thick electrodes (> 35mg/cm2), and solvent free “Dry Process” electrodes.

Our scientists also have expertise at high energy and high power cell design as well as creating optimized form factors, such as the novel “pancake” shaped lithium cell.

Explore the many capabilities of this world-class R&D organization below.